About DMSS

Dustha Manobatar Seba Sangstha (DMSS) is a non-profit making organization working for promoting uplift of the aboriginal people are in myriad abuses. It has been working covering a wider range of aboriginal/ untouchable people (Ethnic minorities) ts Joypurhat Sadar, Panchbibi, Akkelpur, Kalai and Khetlal Upazila in Joypurhat District, Bangladesh with the programmes of integrated livelihood security, sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptation, health and sanitation with prevention and awareness building of HIV/AIDS and STDs synchronically with promotion and protection of rights and empowerment of untouchable section.

DMSS’s Vision is to see a society where everyone enjoys his/her rights and make progress to promote their socio-economic status. Mission of the organization is to empower the distressed and powerless people of Bangladesh, especially the Indigenous community for promoting their socio-economic status and establishing their due rights in the society.

DMSS has been registered from NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh vide Registration Number 1030. It has also been registered from Social department of Bangladesh vide Registration number: Joy-147/94.

Dustha Manobatar Seba Sangstha (DMSS) envisages fulfilling its vision mission through the accomplishment of the following objectives:
To empower the poor people especially the aboriginal people including Adibashi and Dalit.
To establish Human rights for the poor especially aboriginal women and men.
To develop gender equity.
To prevent environmental pollution and unhygienic situation.
To develop primary health care situation.
To prevent malnutrition.
To ensure education for all.
To develop skill for taking IGAs.
To raise awareness for the distressed people.
To increase income-generating activities to create jobs for unemployed men and women.
To provide support disaster affected people in the emergency period.
To provide legal aid for ensuring real justice for the poor.

In Background, there is a large number of aboriginal people called “Adibashi” live in Joypurhat District. The areas DMSS has been working are remote, underdeveloped and backward in public communication and facilities where 84% people of the project area live on agriculture for their livelihood. Acute poverty, disease, malnutrition, hunger, illiteracy and unemployment are common place in the life of people in the area. Women in the area are considered as weak, delicate but insignificant and are forced to keep themselves under veils like birds in the cages implying their double discrimination one for stereotyping for women as gender discrimination and other for negligence as they are untouchable for their ethic race and lower occupations. Their participation in the decision making process, public gathering, resource sharing, availing development opportunities, freedom of choice and mobility are restricted.

DMSS came to existence in February 1991 as a result of the initiative taken by the local social workers, educationists and philanthropists headed by Mr. Apurba Sarkar. The organization was formed with a view to promote the socio-economic status of the destitute women and deprived people in the northern area of Bangladesh, especially the aboriginal women. It aimed to facilitate women empowerment especially for the aboriginal women so that they can establish and enjoy their due rights in the society.

The Main Focus of DMSS is the promotion of human rights, socio-economic status, self reliance of the distressed poor in the working area especially for the “Adibashi” people through motivation, awareness building, peoples organization building, non-formal education, capacity enhancement, awareness building on human rights, providing legal aid and economic activities. It focuses on children and human development also.
DMSS emphasizes on process oriented development approach rather than task oriented approach for providing the program people sustainable orientation and to make the development sustainable. It stresses on non-directive, bottom-up and participatory approach in its development endeavors.
DMSS aspires to see a society of peace and harmony which is free from starvation, oppression and exploitation and where every individual will be able to enjoy his rightful share to resources belonging to the society.
On the basis of above-mentioned expectation DMSS has decided to work with the distressed, powerless, deprived people in its working area.

In Management three management tiers remain in DMSS- Advisory Board, General Body and Executive Body. The general body of DMSS consists of thirty-one general members who the highest decisions are making body of the organization. The general body/organization follows its registered constitution to guide it to accomplish its objectives. A five-member Advisory Committee provides advisory services to the organization for the smooth running of the organization. The overall management of the organization is vested to a qualified and well experienced Executive Committee of nine members. The day to day management of the organization is entrusted with the Executive Director who is assisted by a qualified and experienced team of staff. The organization has three committees to support the management of the organization. All committee members are continuously contributing their valuable time, expertise, experience, suggestion, opinion, decision, and cooperation for the growth of the organization.

Staff members’ meeting


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