DMSS resources

The organization has erudite and adept workforce devoted to serve the poor and distressed aboriginal people through the accomplishment of the organizational objectives. DMSS believes in gender equity. So, it tries to recruit equal number of qualified, experienced and dedicated male and female staff for its programs. The following table furnishes a list of human resources with their expertise.
The organization runs its programmes following the principles of transparency and accountability. It makes every effort to run its activities in an organized and professional manner. Therefore, it developed necessary policy, guideline and manual. These documents are reviewed and upgraded every year for the development of the organization and to give the best services towards the development of the poor and the distressed. DMSS currently has the following policy/guideline/manual to run its activities efficiently.

Staff development policy,
Gender policy, Group formation and maintenance policy,
Credit policy.
Federation By-Laws,
Office management guideline,
Accounts manual, training module/ manual and service rule.

Staff meeting

Implementing the programmes DMSS has its organizational capacity in areas as follows:

In Board and Governance, DMSS remains three tier management organs e.g. – Advisory committee, General committee and Executive committee and roles and responsibilities of board members are defined and carried out with clearly articulating vision, mission, goal and strategies. Leadership development process is in place and governing body and senior management committee are accountable to key stakeholders.

In Management practices, DMSS has an up to date Organogram and participatory decision-making process where gender issues are considered in different organizational aspect. DMSS undergoes strategic planning annually and it has an updated administrative policy and transparent staffing where administrative policy is applied to all level staff in a same way. It has good information system with having an appropriate procurement and resource use policy.

In Human resources, Human Resources and Development plan exists in DMSS and it is prepared as per needs assessment and staffs get training accordingly the needs and TNA. HRM policy exists in the organization and Job descriptions of workforce are well defined.

In Service delivery, DMSS exists multi-dimensional programmes for the communities where each programme covers wider areas and interventions are well informed to the stakeholders. Programmes are always designed based on communities needs and stakeholders participate in meeting, training and working as well as monitoring and evaluating program outcomes, institutional effectiveness and impact assessment. In programme marketing and awareness, DMSS develops awareness among the stakeholders.

In Sustainability, DMSS has long term program planning for sustainability and it has always the strategy to continue in the changing environment. For sustainability, it remains diversified funding sources in a secure financial position. It has a plan for establishing income generating resources for fund raising.

In Designing, Monitoring and Evaluation (DM&E), a general DM&E cycle is in place where DMSS always involves stakeholders in DM&E process and practice its regular sharing and SOWT is always analyzed participatory in designing process.

In External relation, DMSS always develops community relation, civic engagement; inter NGO collaboration, Government collaboration and collaboration with donors and cross sector social institutions within good ties with civil society, Government department, international agencies, social elite, local governance / local electoral bodies.

In Financial resources, DMSS has written and well understood financial management policy being practiced properly.
In implementing the programmes DMSS has the expertise in programming, public-private partnership development, awareness building, social analysis, training, research, networking, management, advocacy, communication and documentation with having programme experience in rights based programming, livelihood development, awareness building, institution development and capacity building, skills development, advocacy, gender development, rights and good governance. It operates programmes within the good ties with public sector service institutions, civil society, Government counterparts, international agencies, and social elite, extension of networking, field level workforce, community participation and local governance / local electoral bodies with having membership networks with national and international entities.


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